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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

©Leather Leather Month - JuLy

Following up from our last year's successful celebration of ©LEATHER LEATHER Day on 7/7 (upside-down L for Leather), I will like to announce the whole month of JuLy to be ©LEATHER LEATHER Month this year.

For this exciting July, I like you to bring it up to a whole new level by not just wearing leather yourself or encourage your spouse or girlfriend to wear leather as much as possible for the whole month.

I will like to encourage you to buy at least a piece of leather present, be it a simple pair of leather gloves, leather boots, leather jacket, leather coat, or even intimately a piece of leather lingerie to show your affection and appreciation to your loved ones.

As part of this exciting celebration, I will also be approaching abramovic3 to boldly attempt to rebuild Gloves2000 (if he has the source code or the text) at my LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER blog.

Let us celebrate ©LEATHER LEATHER Month together!
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  1. Not sure what weathers like in Singapore .. but if you even attempted to wear leather in U.K at moment you'd die in the heat ,lol ..hopefuly they'll be some summer storms it will come in handy then .:)

  2. Looks hot!! very nice outfit..i like your style, looks beautiful:)


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