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Thursday, November 19, 2009

POLL: Who was/influenced you First Leather Love?

RESULTS: Who was/influenced your First Leather Love?

Top 3 choices for First Leather Love (drum roll...):
  1. Friends/Teachers
  2. Media
  3. Relatives/Family Friends

  • Stranger
  • Family
  • Others

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  1. Jaclyn Smith in opening credits of Charlies Angels when I was Four years old ..made me feel all weird lol she dismouts motorbike andremoves helmet shakes her hair ..still kills me today ..then Debbiie Harry and the end scene of Grease with Sandy turning into a greaser ..that ticked all the right boxes lol..so the media is to blame..not that I'm complaining

  2. Is Olivia Newton John, not Debbie Harry. Wonderful in Leather.




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