Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Leather Mistress

I was very excited when I saw The Leather Mistress commented on our blog.
Incidently, I had a super shot of her in leather blazer, leather dress,
leather gloves, leather boots and an expensive looking handbag.

Somehow, I found that as ladies mature, they tend to appreciate the finer things in life,
like luxurious leather, classic looks and fine wine.
Not sure whether it is their spending power or they know what men want or need?
They just look timeless.

Do pay her a visit at her blog The Leather Mistress

The Leather Mistress


  1. I appreciate your comments and would agree that as I have matured that I have begun to appreciate the finer things in life particullarly timless classic black leather and the effects that it has

  2. Love when the purse matches the outfit...well done!



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