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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

POLL: Will you support Leather Leather Day (7/7)?

Happy Independence Day to all Americans.

POLL RESULTS: Will you support Leather Leather Day (7/7)?

100% (43/43) will support Leather Leather Day (7/7)!

For those who have followed my Flickr ©LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER group closely to ©LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER Blog, you would have known that I have formerly officially announced 7 July (7/7) (upside-down L for Leather) as ©Leather Leather Day.

Year 1 - Leather Leather Day (2008)
Year 2 - Leather Leather Month (2009)

For this exciting 7/7, I like to encourage you to wear leather yourself or encourage your spouse or girlfriend to wear leather for you. Whether it is in the day or/and at night, whatever the occasion. Also please praise the people wearing them.

I will like to encourage you to buy at least a piece of leather present, be it a simple pair of leather gloves, leather boots, leather jacket, leather coat, or even intimately a piece of leather lingerie to show your affection and appreciation to your loved ones.

I like to pay tribute to abramovic3 of former Gloves2000 website which inspired ©LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER Blog.

Let us celebrate ©LEATHER LEATHER Day (7/7) together!

I love woman in leather!


  1. i support leather day-love you all-xxxxoooo

  2. Regrettably I did not celebrate this year, but my lovely partner accepted my love of gloves, and I am so happy about it. Those wrist covering gloves are the best, wonderful pic and pose!


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