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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Comtesse Monique Leather (Upsize)

Yes, I know I have posted this "Comtesse Monique Leather" before and it's the 5th most popular post.

But this is UPSIZE.

I love woman in leather!

POLL RESULTS: How many Leathers do your partner & you have altogether?

Thanks for participating in our poll.

Total number of leathers owned by your partner and you

35% (13/37) 11 to 50
32% (12/37) > 100
24% (9/37) 51 to 100
8% (3/37) < 10

While most of you own 11 to 50, a close 2nd of >100 pieces of leathers really impressed me. Perhaps you can leave me a comment of your impressive collection. Keep the leather passion burning...

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