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Monday, September 29, 2014

Nance & Wil

Photos and comments from members are hard to come by and I take it as the highest compliment to our site. I also like to congratulate Wil for having such a leather loving and understanding wife for so many years.

Here is Wil's comments:

"My wife and I have been wearing leather all our married life which is 53 years on Nov 11. We both have extensive collection of leather.

Nance; Boots Crotch high down to ankle boots 22 pairs; Leather slacks 3 pairs; Leather Jackets and vests 9; Leather coats 5; leather-caps 5; Leather masks 3; Leather catsuits 3 (had more); Leather gloves 12 pairs
Wil; Boots Crotch high down to Knee high boots 9 pair; Leather pants 3 pair; Leather Jackets 6; Leather Coats 3; Leather Jumpsuits 4; Leather masks 4; Leather Gloves 20+ pairs.

Attached for your info is one of my favorite pictures of my wife taken many years ago. It is made of two photos of her joined together. (See the difference in the dresser skirting board height)"

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  1. fantastic we are also a couple in our 50s love the custom made boots


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