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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Leather Leather Day 2017

Happy Independence Day for US folks!

Well, this is our 10th year anniversary for this blog. I have been urging our viewers to celebrate ©Leather Leather Day (Upside-down 7/7) or 7 July with another 7 for 2017 making it LLL or Leather Leather Leather. How can you help in participation? For a start, take part in our poll that you will pledge to participate. What to do after that? You can wear, buy leather for yourself or your loved ones, or compliment anyone in leather for this special occasion. If you like, you can extend it to celebrate the whole ©Leather Leather Month. Also, please help to spread the word around for this wonderful blog and celebration.

Let me put up some shots here from Fernando Berlin contest 2016 in-line with this. Remember to check out the updated shots in Bella Hadid Leather 5.

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