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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

POLL: What do you like most about Leather?

POLL RESULTS: What do you like most about Leather?

Response Votes
Touch 44 72%
Others 7 11%
Sound 6 10%
Smell 4 7%

We would like to thank everyone for voting especially with such a good response.
Appreciate if you can leave a comment for "Others".


  1. As for others, I like the look. What it looks like on other people, the kind of designs that are possible in leather. Also the looks I'm getting when I'm wearing it.

  2. How about all of the above? Personally, I appreciate the power leather gives to women!

    1. Personally, I like all the above and look. But I was looking for what you like most.

    2. Absolutely. For me, it is sight. When a woman enters the area wearing leather, just seeing her immediately gets my attention. Leather can invade all senses, but sight gets me first every single time!

  3. Leather is sexy especially head to toe Boots, gloves, total outfit Its a major sex appeal


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